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At the Flying Camera Company we specialise in professional,
high end, aerial cinematography. We have an extensive CV
covering feature films, commercials and TV productions
in the UK and worldwide.

Our dedicated team includes highly experienced pilots and camera operators with over 20 years working on TV and drama production.

We are licensed by the CAA with full permission for aerial film and photographic work, including An OSC exemption allowing us to fly in congested areas and within 15m of any building, person or vehicle, day or night. All of our pilots hold a full BNUC-S UAV pilots qualification and the company has been independently assessed and approved by 1st Option media safety.

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Combining state of the art aerial filming platforms including the Alta 8, Matrice 600 and Inspire, we use the Movi Pro and M15 gimbals with the Arri Alexa Mini and Red Weapon cinema cameras to provide stunning aerial shots in the highest image quality. In addition we fly with the Paralinx Tomahawk HD Link, transmitting a full HD signal up to 1km at less than 1 m/s latency, making our drone platforms perfect for live streaming and viewing.

We provide two full drone and Movi systems on each shoot for complete redundancy and peace of mind for your production.

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Our Clients

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